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Coming Soon: Momentum Pilates Workout Videos

Stabilize, tone, and strengthen your glutes with Cathy Ferrara and Nancy Golike's Momentum Butt Workout! As the first installment of Cathy and Nancy's workout videos, it features beginner and intermediate exercises that you can do at home. Workouts will target specific areas of the body. Videos for purchase soon! Photos above featuring Momentum instructor Nancy Golike

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Introducing: The Broth of Life

Momentum Pilates will soon be featuring bone broth for sale! Laya Barak, dancer and choreographer as well as client at Momentum of both Nancy Golike and Erika Kalkan, DPT, has started a new company called The Broth of Life. Partnered with her mother, they have turned a delicious home recipe that they have been perfecting for years into a viable,…

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