Pamela Vassil, Grateful ClientPilates is the most intelligent form of workout. You connect with muscles you never knew you had and the results are remarkable. How you walk and move are forever improved. I will continue until my dying day. Sandra is a fabulous instructor. And she’s got a great sense of humor!

M J K, ActressSandra Fillipovich is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had. I have been a client of hers for over ten years. I began working with Pilates instructors as a teenager many years ago when I was a dance major at The Juillard School. Sandra is so attentive and attuned to the specific needs of the client. She listens very carefully to what you are communicating about your body and state of mind. She is gentle and will never suggest any exercise that she knows will be beyond your capability, yet she will make sure you are working to your capacity. She watches carefully to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and not hurting yourself. Her scientific knowledge of anatomy is complete. Her creative use of imagery to guide her clients in their understanding and execution of Pilates technique is so unique and helpful, as it enables you to translate the imagery from the mind’s eye to the proper physical execution of the exercises. Because of this, her sessions have an aesthetic quality as well as being physically challenging and fulfilling. At the finish of a session with Sandra you have had an invigorating workout and feel refreshed, renewed, free of pain and feel a sense of peace.

Rew Starr, Musician / Web-HostMy Pilates work is a highlight to my week. Nancy has a sixth sense, reading exactly what my body needs each session. My body is changing and getting stronger. Old habits die hard they say, but Nancy is gentle in making this dog learn new tricks…even my kids notice the transformation of how I look. My core is beginning to do the job it’s meant to do which will prevent so much injury for the rest of my days.

Nancy is awesome to work with too. She channels my needs with grace and keeps it fun too!

Mary Anne Thompson, Mary Anne Thompson Associates, NYCCathy has been my Pilates teacher for about 12 years now and I can’t recommend her enough. I started studying Pilates after doing Yoga, Alexander Technique and various other things for my very tense upper back, neck and shoulders. Pilates was the first thing to help me. It taught me to breathe; I had to shut out the problems of my day and quiet the chatter in my brain in order to focus and feel the work on the wonderful spring-resistance machines.

It’s funny how people always comment on my good posture (it’s kinda hard to slouch after all these years of training!) I also began to notice a difference in my hips, legs and waist and this isn’t a weight loss program. I can tone no matter what my weight may be at the time. My core became strong. This ‘feeling strong’ gave me a whole perspective emotionally as well to everything and continues to do so.

Momentum Pilates and its highly qualified (and fun) instructors will give you a change in your life that is positive and nurturing, body/mind/spirit.

Dr. Shawn Tepper-Levine D.O., Osteopathic PhysicianCathy’s skill and intuitive understanding of body mechanics makes her an excellent teacher. She helped me throughout my pregnancy especially during my third trimester with the more extreme postural changes and shifts in my center of gravity. I have referred several of my patients to her who have all benefited from her expert instruction.

Aviva BlaichmanYears of learning the Pilates method under the experienced guidance of Cathy Ferrara has enabled me to feel stronger and flexible with an increased sense of well being. And so when Cathy first introduced me to the Gyrotonic discipline, I was surprised at the immediate benefits I felt. Those habitual “kinks” and strains in my shoulders and neck, for example, have disappeared. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is serious about increased vitality, vigor and mind/body awareness. Cathy is an extraordinary teacher, a caring, careful professional who understands and is devoted to her work.

Sabrina Blaichman, Gallery Owner / 7Eleven GalleryThis will be my fourth year practicing Pilates with Cathy Ferrara. Over the four years I have flirted with a number of different workout routines, personal trainers, Physique 57, Soul Cycle, and many others. Cathy’s one-on-one training is the only practice that has remained a constant in my physical life. She has helped me to become more aware of my body and has transformed the way I carry myself. I have become more flexible, toned, centered and elongated. Pilates enforces the importance of stretching and breathing while also giving you a killer work out. The weekly sessions I have with Cathy are completely tailored to my body and my needs on any given day. We can do an hour of stretching, leaving me calm and centered, or intense core training where all my muscle groups are strengthened. Cathy always leaves time at the end to stretch and release tension. Through the Pilates method you can find physical balance and harmony.

Kristina MorisI’ve been going to Cathy at Momemtum Pilates for over 2 years now. She is an AMAZING instructor, who is endlessly creative, skilled, patient and funny! She has a wonderfully eclectic approach that works with where you are at the moment and pushes just the right amount to get you to the next level. I highly recommend Cathy and this studio!