Cathy Miranda Ferrara

cathyCathy Miranda Ferrara is the founder of Momentum Pilates. She has been teaching Pilates in NYC for fifteen years and is certified in GYROKINESIS® and GYROKINESIS® exercise. She comes from a twenty-year background in dance and movement and has also studied many types of bodywork which brings a special energetic hands-on approach to her teaching. She has studied Feldenkrais, The Alexander Technique, Ben Benjamen’s Muscular Therapy, Martha Yoshida’s Dynamic Band Technique, Anatomy and Kinesiology with Irene Dowd and TRX Training System. She has also studied Energetic Healing with Dr. Bija and studied and danced for the past twelve years with Master Teacher and Middle Eastern Dancer, Anahid Sofian and her company, The Anahid Sofian Dancers.

Cathy has worked in close conjunction with physical therapists and osteopaths in helping people recover post-op from knee, shoulder and hip surgery, including dance and sports-related injuries, approaching their recovery from an integrated movement perspective.

Cathy also specializes in pre-and-post-natal conditioning. She is certified in Julie Tupler,RN’s Maternal Fitness and Diastasis Rehab, a technique well- known for teaching pregnant women the tools they need for an empowering birth experience both pre-and post-natal.

Cathy has studied Pilates Thru Pregnancy and Women’s Health Issues with Deborah Goodman, MSPT, GYROKINESIS® Exercise for Pregnancy at Kinepirit Studios and her own pre-natal conditioning with the founder of Kane School For Core Integration, Kelly Kane. She has been on the faculty at Destination Maternity for three years teaching the group pre-natal classes.