Pre / Post Natal

Pre-and post-natal Pilates is an optimum way to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and an empowered delivery.

Pilates strengthens the deepest layer of wrapping abdominals, the transversus, which supports the growing weight of the baby, preventing back pain and assisting with the postural changes that happen as the pregnancy progresses. A strong transversus can also promote an easier, more natural delivery.

Pelvic floor strengthening and flexibility is also an important benefit of the Pilates work. This prevents unnecessary episiotomies and can allow for a more natural birthing process.

The good news is that when you strengthen your transverses abdominus with the Pilates work you are also strengthening the pelvic floor muscles as the two work in conjunction. It is like doing extra Kiegels which every pregnant woman knows you just can’t do enough of!

Post-natal Pilates helps quicken the body’s recovery process, closing the diastasis (the separation between the two halves of the rectus abdominus that often happens with pregnancy as the baby grows) and flattening the abs so that you will be back in your pre-pregnancy jeans in no time at all.