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Luanne Sforza, PT, GCFP

Luanne Sforza, PT, GCFP, is the owner of Integrative Physical Therapy of NY. She is a Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner. Luanne specializes in treatment of orthopedic, musculo-sketetal and sports injuries. Her holistic, hands-on approach integrates Physical Therapy, Feldenkrais and Pilates with a goal of improving your function and a return to the activities you love. Her unique Physical Therapy… Continue Reading

Corinne Kohrherr L.Ac.

Corinne Kohrherr L.Ac. is trained in the Chinese, Japanese and trigger point models of acupuncture. She specializes in muscle injuries and pain conditions as well as infertility, pediatrics and the promotion of healthy pregnancies. Corinne is also a licensed doula. Her practice, Akoya Acupuncture provides a safe and positive environment to foster each person’s innate healing process. You can reach… Continue Reading

Karen Donelson DPT, CFP

Karen Donelson DPT, CFP, believes strongly in healing through movement. Karen is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Feldenkrais Practitioner as well as a yoga devotee and teacher. Each of Karen’s disciplines allows insights into the others making her work over the past twenty-five years a sensitive synthesization that offers a wide range of treatment. You can reach Karen for… Continue Reading

Gabriel Bobek

Gabriel Bobek, LMT, NCTMB has been practicing CranioSacral Therapy since 1995 and is a licensed NY State Massage Therapist with National Certification. His sessions integrate extensive training in CranioSacral and Barral Visceral Therapy with Lymph Drainage, Zero Balancing, Shiatsu and massage techniques. Specific conditions addressed include headaches / migraines, chronic neck / back pain, TMJ dysfunction, nervous & immune system… Continue Reading


City lives are high stress lives--the noise, the crowds, work pressures, pollution. That's a lot of imbalance for your life, and for your skin. At BeautyOlogy, we don't strive for perfection, we strive for balance. Balanced skin is happy skin. Embrace your imperfections, love yourself, and wear your SPF! BeautyOlogy is an intimate skin care studio owned and operated by… Continue Reading

Erika Kalkan PT, DPT, OCS

Dr. Erika Kalkan is a physical therapist based in New York who specializes in dance-related injuries. She holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Temple University and is a board-certified orthopedic specialist. Dr. Kalkan is on staff at the world-renowned Harkness Center for Dance Injuries and has worked backstage at numerous Broadway productions as well as provided on-site physical therapy… Continue Reading

Megan Brians, LMT

Megan Brians guides her clients to conscious movement and embodiment. As a teacher, she focuses on alignment, strength, flexibility and integrated movement. As a body worker, she engages with her clients structurally and energetically; welcoming emotions and incorporating story and imagery. Teaching since 2001 and practicing bodywork since 2006, she draws upon many years of experience and study as a… Continue Reading

Joy Crittenden

Joy Crittenden is dedicated to healing practices for all her clients and herself. She specializes in massage therapy and cupping massage as well as spa therapy. Joy has been featured in the July 2015 issue of MASSAGE Magazine in the "Best Practices" highlights. The Mint Dreams Spa lifestyle is about experiencing joy, awareness and making healing part of your recovery.… Continue Reading