Juliu Horvath, a principal ballet dancer searching for a way to learn how to move without constant pain and injury, developed a technique to heal himself and others. He invented a progression of exercises known as the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods that work the body in a 3-dimensional way, focusing on joint mobility and facilitating the nervous system.

Based on swimming, gymnastics, yoga and other disciplines, these progressions follow the spiraling pathways of the body, encouraging flow and range of motion. These exercises can be done using the body’s own weight which is called GYROKINESIS® or with the weighted GYROTONIC® equipment, providing an excellent cardiovascular workout that translate to any sport, martial art or daily life activity.

Improved posture, pain-free movement, joint mobility, muscle length, strength and flexibility as well as increased energy and a feeling of well-being are just a few of the benefits of GYROTONIC® exercise.