Luciana Achugar

lucianaLuciana Achugar has been a Pilates and Movement teacher in New York City since 1999 and has been a colleague of Momentum’s founder Cathy Ferrara since then.

Her teaching is grounded in a knowledge of anatomy in movement that comes from her studies with Pilates Teacher Trainer Kelly Kane and is highly influenced by her own continuing studies of Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance, Yoga and Alexander Technique.

In her Private, one-on-one Sessions she is primarily concerned with developing a way of working geared specifically to the clients needs and that focuses on achieving a pain-free, strong and opened body that helps the client gain an increasing awareness of posture and use of the self.

In her Mat Class, she leads the group through a challenging core workout that involves stretching and some basic dance and yoga based exercises, to gain greater mobility and awareness of the body.

Luciana’s teaching continues to develop as she grows in her own exploration of the body in movement through her own work as a working dancer and choreographer.