Momentum Pilates – Introduction

Dear Friends,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful clients for their loyal and much appreciated patronage going forward into our fourth year. I wanted to also thank our talented and diverse group of teachers and bodyworkers for without them we would not be Momentum Pilates.

Four years ago, after having worked at many different studios, I had a clear vision of the kind of studio I wanted to open: a safe space for a collective of like-minded teachers and bodyworkers whom I respected and trusted. Trades would be encouraged between colleagues so that information and ideas could flow and establish an inspiring atmosphere.

I envisioned a studio simple yet beautiful in its clean lines, built from sustainable materials, void of phones and computers, in order for the space to resonate with a serene and calming energy. Hopefully, when you walk through Momentum’s front door, you get some of the sense of what I have tried to create!

When searching for the right name in the process of my studio invention, I came across the word “momentum,” which seems to fit perfectly:

Momentum is the force a body possesses when in motion.”

So, as we enter into the Fall season, let’s do so with momentum! We are excited to introduce Ji Hoon Kim, our newest addition to Momentum Pilates, Laya Barak’s The Broth of Life bone broth, and a monthly newsletter to inform you of upcoming events in the Momentum community.

With gratitude,
Cathy Ferrara
Owner, Momentum Pilates