Basic and Advanced Workout Videos

You get a total of 6 workout videos that include Basic & Advanced workouts.

  • Butt Workout Videos (Basic & Advanced)
  • Sexy Arms Workout Videos (Basic & Advanced)
  • Fabulous Abs Workout Videos (Basic & Advanced)


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Product Description

Basic Butt Workout Video
This is an introduction to Pilates-based mat exercises with the focus on the gluteals. This workout is suitable for all fitness levels and can be used alone or as a warmup for the Advanced Butt workout.

Advanced Butt Workout Video
This is a faster paced, more challenging workout with the focus on the gluteals using Pilates-based exercises with the addition of props.

Basic Sexy Arms Workout Video
A comprehensive series of basic arm exercises for strength, mobility and healthy posture. Done seated using a light theraband.

Advanced Sexy Arms Workout Video
Challenging weight bearing armwork for stability and tone. Lots of planks!

Basic Fabulous Abs Workout Video
Simple abdominal mat work for deep engagement and support.

Advanced Fabulous Abs Workout Video
A faster paced abdominal workout with more challenging exercises and choreography.

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